Thursday, November 17, 2016

30 ways to improve Etsy sales

Managing our Etsy shops is kind of like riding a bike. Staying balanced. Going forward. Never stop moving. Etsy's algorithm likes to see constant movement. 

30 ways to improve your shop's sales

Selling Tutorial A to Z
  1. Think like a customer. What do you like about other shops? How would you like to be treated? What search terms do you use to shop for items? What pictures do you click on when browsing?
  2. Look professional. Fill your store with merchandise. Have an avatar (shop icon) and profile photo.. Complete your "About" page. Fill out your shop policies. Set a decade of manufacture.
  3. Feature awesome "clickable" item photos. Use all ten slots to show additional angles.
  4. Craft titles with the most important key words and phrases at the beginning. Keep them to 70 characters. Create matching tags for the most important keyword combinations. Keep key word lists for your product lines.
  5. Avoid spammy titles, stuffed with keywords. Don't repeat the same word twice in your title. Vary your titles and tags so your items show up in more different searches.
  6. Compose short, but complete item descriptions that include the item's size and condition. Anticipate the questions of buyers. Don't use boilerplate. (Don't copy sections of your descriptions word-for-word from listing to listing.)
  7. In your item description, avoid copying and pasting your title at the start of the description. Rather, sprinkle the keywords from your title conversationally into the first few sentences.
  8. Create an original, cohesive brand. Find your niche. Let your unique style shine. Buy and resell what you love.
  9. Specialize in what you carry in your shop by style or type of item. Who is your target market? Do some market research.
  10. At the same time, don't be too narrow in your product offerings. If your items aren't on trend, adjust your mix.
  11. Sell items at a variety of price points to attract a variety of buyers. Keep your prices reasonable while still making a profit. Find what price points work for you.
  12. Ship quickly. Provide great customer service so customers come back. Do something extra, like gift wrap or enclose a small gift.
  13. Operate your shop legally. Pay your taxes. Follow all copyright and trademark laws. (You can get shut down for violating Etsy policies.)
    Colorful vintage glass vases
    Do shop updates regularly
  14. Sell with integrity. Make sure all of your vintage items are at least 20 years old. Tell the truth. Disclose all item flaws.
  15. Do regular Shop Updates. Here are some ideas for vintage sellers.
  16. Use good grammar and spelling.
  17. Try Etsy promoted item advertising.
  18. Try Etsy's Shopping Engine Advertising
  19. Avoid team mass clicking games (affects our conversion rate).
  20. Avoid team mass favoriting games.
  21. Be active in social media.
    Instagram Twitter Tumblr Facebook
  22. Start a blog. Search engines love them.
  23. Adjust the tags, titles and photos of low-performing items. Fill out the attributes. Make sure your items are in the right categories.
  24. Keep your shop active. Renew expiring items. List new ones. Tweak listings by changing out the first photo.
  25. Offer fresh product. Stale items fall to the bottom of search. 
  26. Package your items with care and style. Mail them quickly.
  27. The Etsy marketplace is constantly changing. Pay attention to what is going on by checking the forums and/or being active with a vintage team or two.
  28. Test out searching for your items to see where they appear. How do your items look compared with the rest of the search results?
  29. Visit your shop on a mobile device. Note how it looks, as well as your items. Make any needed changes.
  30. Spend your time wisely. Use the tools Etsy gives you. Learn how to read your stats. Effectively use Etsy's Listing Manager. 
Were there enough references?

Small tweaks daily to your Etsy shops can improve sales. What are you doing today? 


  1. Joanne,

    Great List to Follow...I see several that I need to work on. Thank you for the list.

  2. Great tips I will start doing the ones I did not know already. Thanks.


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