Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tags for relevancy, admin answers

For sellers, "Etsy Relevancy" is critical. We want our items to appear when buyers search. And we want them at the top of search. That's not asking much, is it?
etsy admin answers

First, what is a tag?

Tags are words or short phrases, your most important search terms. Etsy listings have 13 tag slots, each with 20 spaces. 

When shoppers search, they type in keywords. Tags (and titles) are examined and relevant results are displayed. Tags are a powerful tool to draw in buyers. Always use them all.

Q: Must word phrases [keywords] within titles and tags match exactly?

Admin: Word phrases within titles and tags don’t need to match exactly. However, tagging your product for “red boots” and having “red boots” in your title will give you a better chance of ranking for “red boots”.

Q: Is it necessary to tag my items with the same phrases used in my titles? If so, what do I do if the phrase is longer than the 20 characters allowed in the tags?

Admin: We recommend using the same keywords in titles and tags for the most important keywords, and targeting other keywords where it makes sense. The tradeoff between the two is either super stressing one keyword vs. the possibility of showing up for others.

If the phrase is longer than 20 characters, we'd recommend breaking it up if possible.

screenshot etsy compose listing tags

Tag! You are it, the tagging expert now. How are your tags?

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