Sunday, November 6, 2016

What are long tail keywords?

For Etsy sellers, relevancy is critical. When buyers search, we want our items front and center. 

etsy admin answers
How do we pick the best terms for describing our items in titles and tags? For that we need a little computer code lingo.

Long Tail Keywords

"Long tail keywords" refer to keyword phrases made up of three or more words.

“Head” terms, or “short tail” terms are the more commonly used general search phrases, generally two words. 

Because people use head terms more often than long tail keywords, the head terms bring in more traffic. Although Long tail keywords are less popular, they are more targeted to specific searches and have less competition. 

An example would be the contrast between the head term “metal bowl” versus the long-tail keywords “vintage white enamelware bowl.” 

Why Should I use Long-Tail Keyword Phrases?

Use a blend of terms to describe your items, both short-tail and long-tail keywords. If you have two or more similar listings, try out different long tail phrases for each. Broaden your reach. Different folks use different keywords to find items. Be sure that your items get found by every buyer searching for your item. 

Monitor your results. Tweak your listings if necessary.

A recent question to Etsy Admin about using long tail keywords:

Q: Is it better to have long tail keywords that are semi popular opposed to long tail keywords that are high in competition on Etsy?

Admin: When deciding between targeting keywords, always err towards the keyword that is most relevant to the product. The best case scenario would be to find keywords that are relevant that have search volume, but that is not always the case. I would try to use a combination of both long tail and head terms to describe the product, when applicable.

The reason long tail keywords are important is that they convert much better than head tail (general) keywords, because they are so specific. For example if someone searched for "purple and orange knit sequined scarf" and it exists on Etsy, the person will likely consider buying it because the chances of finding something that long tail is slim.


Want to know more? Digging deeper into long-tail keywords.


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