Monday, October 24, 2016

Stats 8 - Why isn't my item selling?

Why isn't my item selling? My shop feels stagnant! Have you ever felt that way?

A very basic analysis of our stats can help. Let's use this powerful tool from Etsy to improve our poorest performing listings.

Etsy listing issues? Stats to the rescue!

Scroll down until you’re looking at a listing with a very small amount of traffic. Click on it to open a Listing Page View that offers a breakdown of traffic for that specific listing. Here's how to do that.

Stats to the Rescue!
Ask yourself the following questions about the listing:

1. Is the first photo of high quality?

2. Does it have a powerful title? Be sure it has keywords and phrases that buyers will use when searching. Keep the most important search terms at the beginning of the listing to maximize their importance in search.

3. Am I making the most of my tags? Use all 13 tag slots. Use a blend of multiple-word phrases repeated from your title and description. Use terms that buyers will use to search for this item.

4. Is there market demand for the item? Are similar items selling online?

5. How is my pricing compared to similar available items?

Here is Etsy's tutorial on the subject.


  1. Great encyclopedia! I learned a thing or two....especially not to have an item placed on teams in more than one place or too many times. Did not know that. Thank you. BTW....I don't think it is too short. I learn better with a short and simple read rather than a Looooog one. lol


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