Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stats 1 – Introduction, Accessing & Dashboard

Do you open your Etsy stats page every day? I do. Particularly revenue: how much have I sold this week? How does it compare to last week? Last month?

However, stats can be much, much more.

Etsy was not created to be just a sterile place to buy and sell. It was designed to be a vibrant marketplace to discover things that you didn’t even know you needed or wanted until you saw them. Etsy is a form of social media in that respect; social media where everything is for sale.

Etsy Shop Stats provide insight into exactly how shoppers find our items: the keywords shoppers search with, the sites that link to our items, internal links… the many pathways to discovery, and hopefully purchases, in our shops.

Stats are a powerful tool from Etsy if we harness their power. We do that by reading what our stats say and understanding their message. Savvy sellers use the information to make improvements to their shops, their listings, and even their social media.
screenshot from VintageMaineiaviews favorites orders revenueT

This series of blogs will help you unlock the power of Etsy stats for your shop.

Accessing Your Stats

1. Go to the top right corner of any Etsy page: Your Shop > Quick Links > Stats.
2. Use the setting “Last 30 Days” for a broad view or even “Last 12 months” (if your shop is new).

Shop Overview Dashboard

This is the chart toward the top of the page. It shows data and graphs for views, favorites, orders, and revenue. There is a field just above the chart to set the date range. 

Hold your mouse over the graph for different days (or months or hours). Find a time period with particularly high numbers. Then look at the area below the chart. It shows if items were listed, renewed or you released a shop update. This is a taste of the power of statistics: to determine if what we are doing with our shop actually shows results.

pause mouse to see daily events
Hold your mouse over a time period to see what events happened.

Below this dashboard chart are two traffic columns: “overall” and “within Etsy.” We will discuss these next.

Stats have been available on Etsy since early in 2012. How have they helped you manage your shop?

More information on shop stats from Etsy is here.


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