Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stats secret: unlocking individual item listing data

(Etsy has changed many aspects of stats recently. Thank you for noting that some of the features covered here may have changed.)

Here is a secret about your Etsy stats. Many sellers don't realize that Etsy also provides stats for each individual item. This can be valuable information. I'll give you all of the tools to unlock them!

To access your individual item stats, open an item. There is a "Bars" button right above the picture. Select "today" (or the day you are interested in) for the time. Select the "Views" tab. You can also see search terms used to find this item during the date range you selected.

Individual listing stats include include the following:

screenshot from vintagemaineia
Push the "bars" button to view
    • Graph of a listing's views 
    • Favorites (hearts) from each traffic source 
    • Views (clicks) from each traffic source 
    • Keywords that brought shoppers to the listing
    how to read hourly graph

    How did the buyer find our item?

    This feature is especially handy if you sell an item and wish to know how your buyer found the item. Check your individual stats for that item on the day that it sold. How many sets of keywords are there? Was there one keyword (or key phrase) used on the hour that the item sold? Then you know definitively.

    Monitor team clicking games

    Individual stats can also help monitor clicking team games. This only works if you don't have too much clicking data to muddy the waters (i.e. promote an item in only one place).

    Open the item stats for the item in question for the day in question... See the graph? It tells you how many times and even what hour of the day that it was clicked. This gives you a good idea if people are clicking when they should.

    screenshot of hourly graph
    If I sold this item at 7 PM, what search words did my buyer likely use?

    See how to use your individual item stats to improve poor performing listings.

    Individual listing stats can be our "secret weapon" to learn details about how buyers find our listings. Don't neglect this powerful tool!

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