Monday, October 17, 2016

Stats 6 - What do our statistics tell us?

(Please note that the illustrations show Etsy's "old" stats."

Now that we have examined our shop stats in detail, what are they telling us?
Etsy seller screen shot
Here are eight points for starters.

1. Lots of views? If a particular keyword or key phrase is bringing you a lot of views, make sure it is being used in all applicable tags and titles.

2. No views? If some keywords never appear in your shop stats (or are at the very bottom), these tags aren't bringing you views. Replace them with other words or phrases.

etsy seller screenshot low stats3. Are your efforts in social media bringing in results? (Instagram and other social media stats are not 100% tracked. Try publishing a coupon code for your IG followers and see if anyone bites.)

4. Is your social media traffic so high that it brings in more traffic than Etsy itself? (Check the top of the left-hand column for overall traffic.). That can mean that you are ready for your own standalone website!

5. Often I can tell what will sell soon because of increased views and favorites. Can you source (or make) more of the items?

Time for some research
6. Is a site you don’t recognize driving traffic to your shop? Google it. Consider sending a thank-you message. Offer to send them your newsletter. If it is a blog, find out who the audience is. Are you marketing to that audience?

7. "Search" should be in one the top three spots in Etsy traffic sources. If not, you need to optimize your shop for Etsy search.

Etsy seller shop screen shot8. An item sells well. What key words are bringing in your buyers? What are your primary traffic sources for the item? Could you use this information to improve other listings? Could this data help you better market other items in your shop?

DISCLAIMER: I am not a statistical expert by any means. I am sure that there are probably a few errors in this tutorial. Please keep this in mind when following the indicated steps. 

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