Monday, October 2, 2017

Etsy now announcing some tests

Etsy now announcing some tests
A step forward in transparency
Oh no, another test... Have you ever complained about it? I know I have. It can be hard to navigate a site that constantly changes. It is especially difficult for those of use at a certain (ahem) age...

Etsy is now announcing some tests! That is happy news. Transparency is good.

Here is the page where you can find out what is going on. (You may wish to bookmark it.) Not all tests will be announced this way.

After all of the complaints by sellers I think that this is an improvement. If we see something unusual, there is an official place to go and check.

That is better than reporting something as a bug just to find out it is a test. It is more accurate than just asking around.

😎 Happy Etsy selling. 🍂


  1. Thank you for the info... I'm actually interested in the 'Special offer' link... could be a good thing for when we run sales.

  2. Joanne, great post! Thank you for sharing. ;-)


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