Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Are you having a sale?

Etsy new sale tool
Etsy is having a Labor Day Sale promotion. Are you participating? Here is the announcement.

I am moving in September, so you bet I am. Who wants to cart inventory to our new place two hours away and find it again? Not me.

I still need to figure it out. (Sorting and packing take time.) However, the tool seems easy to use. The metrics are very nice, too. Order minimums are not permitted for this promotion.

Users report that you cannot edit a sale once it goes live. Perhaps Etsy will fix that.

This is an example of how a shop looks with a sale:
How Etsy's new sale looks
Kris from EitherOrFinds has set up a sale.

Etsy stated that they will promote the sale by "driving traffic to the page through marketing emails, site banners, social media, and Etsy’s homepage."

Will you promote the sale... put out a Shop Update?

Here is Etsy's explanation of the new tools. More general information from Etsy on sales and coupons.

Will you be having a sale?

Etsy new sale item graphics
See the extra sale information?


  1. Oh, Yes. I will be having a Labor Day sale. Yours looks great!

  2. Also, Can you find out if the expired items , that go expired during the sale will go back on it as soon reactivated?

  3. Yes, as you can see, I'm having a sale--thanks for using my shop, Joanne!:)

  4. me too. People love sales. I know I do!

  5. I will, in both my shops.... I use to use the 'etsy on sale' tool, and it always brought in sale... hope the etsy equivalent will do the same.

    Good luck to all of us !

  6. Chickadee Decor is having a sale. Thanks to Etsy for the new tools!


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