Saturday, May 13, 2017

Etsy Sells Vintage - social media initiative

Etsy Sells Vintage Social Media Image
Social Media Image - Etsy Sells Vintage
You are already aware that Etsy sells vintage items. However, many potential buyers are not.

There is a movement afoot to advertise that vintage is thriving on Etsy (as well as handmade and crafting/DIY).

The hashtag is #etsysellsvintage. Feel free to use the image here.

Post it on whatever social media you use: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+. Even on the Etsy Forum threads. Share this on your Etsy teams. Blogs, too.

Some have even changed their social media avatars.

It would be so nice for Etsy to advertise that vintage thrives along with handmade and crafts... but if they do not, at least WE can. 

Give Etsy vintage a bump. Please join other vintage sellers in this social media campaign to get the word out!


  1. Great job, Joanne. Promoting the blog on my SM sites!

  2. Copied and ready to share on Social Media. Thanks, Joanne! As usual, you are keeping us in the loop.


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