Thursday, March 1, 2018

Vintage buyers: are yours collectors, trend setters or thrifty?

If you are a vintage seller, you already have a defined target market. Etsy defines it for you by limiting "vintage" to items over 20 years old. Plus, not everyone wants to buy pre-owned merchandise.

So we just limited our target market by, say, 50%. Every vintage seller is a niche seller. That was easy!

Within vintage there are at least three types of buyers:

target vintage buyers trendy thrifty collectors
Know your target market

  • collectors
  • trendy shoppers
  • thrifty shoppers

Who are your buyers?

  • What motivates them to buy? 
  • How does your shop appeal to those motivations?

Consider the buyers who come to Etsy and browse vintage shops... They want to buy something. Sometimes they will buy something they had no idea that they wanted until they saw it

What made them decide to buy? You need to crack the code.

Great product selection helps, but it is not the only factor.

Sellers need to identify why some items sell well. Harness that information and use it to sell more stuff.

Pinpoint your most effective listing style

Separate yourself from the products you sell... just consider the listings themselves. Not the "what" is being sold but "how" it sold. What is it about the listing's style and makeup that buyers are responding to?

Consider the details of some listings that sold right away. Look at a few items that were barely in your shop before they sold.

Ask yourself some questions about the makeup of each listing.

Wording & listing setup

  • Keywords. Check for keywords common to the titles or descriptions of your best-selling listings.
  • What was the opening sentence in the first paragraph? 
  • Description: how did you "talk" to your customers?
  • Were listings more effective if  you gave some history of the item? 
  • Were listings more effective if you suggested ways to use the item? 
  • Where in the listing did measurements appear?
  • vintage bottles on a shelf
    Collectors are unique buyers
  • How did you manage the "attributes" fields on the listing creation page?


Here is more information from Etsy about taking effective product photos.
vintage sellers photo style
Are you styling photos?

Target buyer

  • Consider what you know about who bought the items (age, location).
  • Was the item a gift?
  • Look at their Etsy profile. Can you see preferences in their favorites?
  • Was the buyer a collector, trendy or thrifty? Does the same listing style appeal to all three?

After gathering this data, analyze it. What made the listing effective?

Now, go make more listings like that.


  1. Nice write up Joanne, and great tips! I sell vintage / antique jewelry and always try to list some history about the designer or company who made the jewelry when I can find information.

    But you got me thinking. Maybe I should try listing the sizes closer to the top of the description as normally I list that information near the end.


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