Friday, June 9, 2017

Etsy Quick Trick: Forums & Team Search

better etsy forums search method

(Please note that in June, 2018 this search function is not working for me. Perhaps this change is connected to the fact that Etsy has promised some changes to teams this fall.)

Regularly seen in the forums is this query:
"Whenever I have a question, I like to search to see whether it has been asked before. But all I find are irrelevant threads. What am I doing wrong?"

better search results from Etsy forums
Searching the forums can be a challenge!

There are two tricks to finding the information you need from the forums, or even team threads:

  1. First, go to the forum most likely to answer your query, like Questions, Discussions, Studio or your team
  2. Next, go to the topmost search field on the page. Begin to type your query.
  3. When you get five keystrokes into your query, some choices will pop up.
  4. Quick search Etsy's forums
    Select your choice, titles or inside posts
  5. Select one and voila! your answers.

Use a Google Search

Another method is to make a search from Google. Something like "Etsy xxxx."

Be aware that in a Google search, the results need to be indexed first. So your results may be older than the first method described.

If you use the Google search method for a teams search, the thread must be public.

I hope that this journey into searching Etsy's communities has been helpful!

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  1. Very well explained Joanne. Surely a safe map to follow.


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