Monday, May 1, 2017

Does Hearting Matter? (10/2016 Admin Update)

To heart or not to heart, that is the question. Here on Etsy, we have been ❤️ for years. Should we continue to heart?

Have you been here long enough to remember when Etsy rolled out Studio (now discontinued)? Some feel that this was the direction of Etsy as a whole: less shop branding, no favorites. Hmmmm.
Should sellers favorite items?
Etsy favorites debate

Here is a question posed to Etsy Admin on favoriting:

Q: I heard that relevancy on the search is based on the amounts of views/favorites/sales an item gets after is searched. Am I right?

Now, I understand that because teams where playing some favorite games, the direct "favoriting" items won't affect his rank. My question is: I share a lot of my listings in social media, and I know for my views that many people are clicking on those links and favoriting some of them. Will this improve in what page my items are shown on the search, or it only gets affected by favoriting through Etsy search engine?

Can we get some extra tips on how to make it work better for us (ones that aren't on the seller handbook)...

Yes you are correct, any external likes or shares outside of Etsy will not affect your visibility on On the other hand, Google has said that while there isn’t a direct correlation between social and SEO rankings, studies have shown there is correlation between SEO rankings and social signals. 

You are also correct in saying favoriting listings or click farming won’t have an effect on your rankings. On the contrary I would think of it as, the more buyers engage with your listing, the more positive signals your listing will send that factor into your visibility on Etsy search.

As for extra tips, we would recommend adding as much relevant content on your listing and shop page as possible. Attributes such as color, size, material and gender would be examples of more descriptive content.
So Etsy here is saying that hearting has no effect on how our items place in search. (Or clicking, for that matter. Social media likely helps.)

Is this really true? Many sellers say no. What do you think? Does hearting work for you?


  1. Some hearting seems to help. A lot of hearting seems to put you in a "time out." At least, that's what it's like for me--for instance, when I participate in a "listing blitz." But...this is all still just groping in the dark re Etsy algorithm changes and changes all around. Thanks so much for all your very helpful blog posts, Joanne! I'd love to hear more on this issue.

  2. This is where the yes and the no concerning the debate on hearting lies...I have had the exact opposite experience. Listing blitzes are always a positive experience for me. The activity generated pulls many people into my shop and the results are sales not only during the blitz, but residual sales for several days following. So the question continues...

    I agree that too much hearting, as with stuffing titles and repetition of key words in description, for example, can have negative effects. So all things in moderation, but the key, IMO, is to keep your shop active. New listings are like sugar cookies to the Etsy algorithm! ((-:


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