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What to Make of Etsy Studio

New Etsy Crafts Market

Etsy Shop Manager Link to Etsy Studio
Accessing Etsy Studio
(Note that Etsy is closing Etsy Studio Effective August 19, 2018.)

Do you sell any items that are considered craft supplies? Then your shop will be included in Etsy Studio.

There is the Etsy we all know and love (well, usually). And now there is Etsy Studio, which is just for craft supplies. They are separate markets, each with its own website.

Etsy Studio is an offshoot from Etsy, but still part of the website. Etsy hopes it will become the "go-to destination for craft supply enthusiasts."

Have you taken a peek at your new Etsy Studio shop? It IS different. How so?

1. Etsy Studio has a plainer, more streamlined look.
Etsy studio attributes on the left
Categories and attributes are on the left
2. There is no banner or cover, less individual shop branding.
3. Shop sections are not displayed. Instead, Etsy's categories will be displayed.
4. There is no favoriting of items on Etsy Studio.
5. Item photos are arranged differently.
Rather than a cart
6. Instead of a cart, you have a basket.
7. Individual items can have ratings if previous ones have been sold and rated.
8. Money order, check, and other forms of payment (like trades) are not accepted on Etsy Studio.
9. The item description is truncated.
10. You can sort feedback by star rating.
11. Attributes act like tags in ranking for search results.
12. Attributes and craft uses will be displayed
13. There are no shop updates.
14. There is no shop rearrange function.
15. Craft projects are integrated into (and integral to) Etsy Studio.
16. Items can have designations as handmade, vintage, recycled and organic. Here is Etsy's definition of "recycled."

Etsy Studio sewing sub categories
See the sewing sub-categories on the left? Shop names are not displayed in search results.

SEO for Etsy Studio

Regarding SEO, from admin: "For Etsy Studio's search ranking, previous listing performance on Etsy will be considered in search placement on Etsy Studio, including views and sales along with listing specific reviews. One important difference is that listing favorites don’t exist on Etsy Studio and so do not count towards search placement."

"Adding listing attributes helps buyers find your items by more specific item qualities such as size, color and material. These listing attributes along with titles and tags will continue to be important for search on Etsy Studio."

More information is here.

"Etsy Promoted Listings will work similarly on Etsy Studio as they do now on Etsy."

Individual item feedback is displayed on Etsy Studio. Take note of any listings with low feedback ratings. Avoid "renew sold" for those listings. Rather, consider "copy listing" to shake the negative feedback. Of course, your item feedback will then read zero.

No banners or shop covers
Our shop avi is front and center on Etsy Studio.

What to do now

Attributes are scheduled to go live on Monday, March 27.

  • Add your attributes.
  • Make sure your store avi looks good in the new format. There is no banner or shop cover in Etsy Studio.
  • Check your item categories. They will be displayed. Etsy auto-changed some.

Category changes

Etsy Studio is all about Craft Supplies and Tools. Many subcategories already found there have been adjusted, expanded, or renamed. Some categories have moved to Etsy Studio. (They have been added to the Craft Supplies & Tools main category.)

Below is a summary of these changes. The complete list of the seller categories is here.

  • Kids crafts 
    VintageMaineia Etsy Studio page
    Shop items in Etsy Studio listed by Etsy categories
  • Clip art 
  • All nail art related categories 
  • Bath & Beauty face-painting applicators 
  • Craft & Hobby Books 
  • Cameras and photography equipment 
  • Electronic maker supplies including 3D printing and robotics 
  • Electronic parts including electrical bulbs, tubes, parts, sockets, wiring, and testing & calibration 
  • Picture frames and displays 
  • Home improvement hardware including doors & locks, flooring, hinges, knobs & pulls, molding and trim, plumbing, and windows 
  • Bakeware including vintage 
  • Gardening tools, greenhouses and hydroponics, garden plants, seeds, seed bombs, and artificial flowers 
  • Gift wrap and wrapping accessories 
  • Origami paper, kits, and tools 
  • Paper ephemera 
  • Blank stationery including blank envelopes, folders, recipe cards, writing paper, stickers, and tags 
  • Party supplies including balloons, confetti, party lights and lanterns, straws, and tableware
Are you excited about Etsy Studio? I know that some of my items will be on the site. I hope it does well.

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